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How should the monitoring equipment be selected and how is the surveillance video transmitted?

Author:Shenzhen Xuanshi Security Technology Co., LTD. Click: Time:2019-08-24 14:30:46

Control (English: monitor and control) is one of the most widely used systems in security systems. Monitoring consists of a front end portion and a control portion. The more suitable site monitoring system on the market today is a handheld video communication device, and video surveillance is now the mainstream. From the earliest analog monitoring to the fiery digital monitoring in previous years, and now to the network video surveillance of the ascendant, it has undergone tremendous changes. From a technical point of view, the development of video surveillance systems is divided into the first generation of analog video surveillance systems (CCTV), to the second generation of "PC + multimedia card" based digital video surveillance system (DVR), to the third generation of fully IP-based network video surveillance System (IPVS).

In general, current monitoring equipment is divided into analog and digital. The advantage of analog equipment is that it is cheaper and more stable, but the clarity is average. Digital HD (digital SD has been abandoned) has the advantage of clear images. I will give you two ways. Due to the 10-level clothing store, the viewing range is small, and up to 3 cameras can be installed. One at the door, one at the goods, and one at the cash register. The infrared hemisphere can be directly installed in the store, which is small in size and beautiful in appearance and can be seen at night. 1. Simulation system 3 analog infrared hemispheres + 1 DVR + 1 monitor (storage hard disk self-supplied) + auxiliary materials 2. Digital system 3 high-definition infrared hemispheres + 1 computer + 1 switch (storage hard drive) +Accessory PS: The analog system requires auxiliary materials such as coaxial cable and power cord. Digital systems require accessories such as network cables, power cables, and monitoring platform software. Overall, the price of the simulation is cheaper than the cost of the number.

The monitoring system transmits the following ways in total to adapt to different network environments:

1. Short-distance network cable transmission: network cable network switch;

2, medium and long distance fiber transmission: fiber optic transceiver network switch network cable;

3. Medium and long coaxial transmission: coaxial cable (twisted pair, power line), network coaxial transmitter;

4, short-distance power transmission: transmission under a meter, through the power cat equipment transmission network;

5. Hybrid transmission system: The camera integrates network cable, coaxial cable, twisted pair cable and power line transmission module, and can transmit HD in any way.

6. Medium-distance optical fiber EPON transmission: epon optical interface network camera ONU equipment optical splitter and other equipment;

7, wireless AP transmission: in the transmission line that can not be wired, inconvenient wiring, wireless AP mode to transmit high-definition, elevator monitoring, field remote monitoring and other special occasions;

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