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The owner installed monitoring equipment in

Author:Shenzhen Xuanshi Security Technology Co., LTD. Click: Time:2019-08-24 14:38:46

Mr. Liu, the owner of Jiangnan Xintiandi in Jiangxia District of Wuhan City, told us that he had experienced a burglary in the community two years ago. He installed surveillance equipment on the aisle outside the door for theft. This monitoring equipment has been installed for nearly two years and has been in good condition. I did not expect that the monitoring equipment will be demolished after the property manager has just replaced the property manager. Why is this?

There are three households on the floor where Mr. Liu lives. One of them shares the same side with his family and shares a walkway. The other is far away from them and is a vacant house. He said that when the monitoring equipment was installed, the consent of the same owner was obtained. Mr. Liu said that not long ago, after the property company changed its manager, he had negotiated with him about monitoring. Unexpectedly, on November 29th, the property manager took people upstairs to prepare for the removal of monitoring equipment.

The surveillance video presented by Mr. Liu showed that the community cadres and police officers who subsequently arrived stopped the property. I did not expect that the next day, Mr. Liu’s monitoring was demolished by the property.

After Mr. Liu’s alarm, the police found the dismantled surveillance at the property company. In this regard, the property week manager said that they have dismantled Mr. Liu's monitoring because of the recent cases in their property manager's exchange group that there were complaints caused by the owner's installation monitoring.

However, the property company also admitted that afterwards, a neighbor of Mr. Liu did call to inform the property that he agreed to over-load monitoring. Manager Zhou said that as long as Mr. Liu obtained the consent of another owner on the same floor, they will no longer oppose the installation monitoring.

In this regard, the lawyer said that the corridor is a public area, and the owner installs monitoring equipment here. For whatever reason, the owner of the relevant stakeholder must obtain permission and inform the property. So, does the property have the right to dismantle the monitoring equipment installed by the owner?

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