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XS-IPC-218,Low power camera

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1. This product is an outdoor surveillance camera that does not need to be connected to electricity, does not need wiring, and is easy to install and ready to use. Second, the core selling points:

1, no need to receive electricity: solar power and built-in lithium battery power;

2, no wiring: no wall piercing, no damage to the decoration;

3, no network: no network can also monitor; 4, remote viewing: WIFI network can be remotely viewed;

5, human body induction: sensing people, instant camera;

6, protection of privacy: local storage, will not leak;

7. Inductive street light: When the person is sensed at night, the light will be automatically activated;

8, the installation is simple: self-installation, do not have to ask professional construction personnel;

Third, the application scenario: home entrance, yard door, fish pond, orchard, farm, mine, construction site and all places that are not convenient for wiring.




Master chip Hi3518E

Operating system LiteOS

Sensor Size 1/2.8 CMOS

Resolution 1920*1080

Lens angle 120 degrees diagonal

WIFI support 802.11 b/g/n

Audio two-way intercom, with echo cancellation

Record SD card recording, on-demand

Storage 4G/8G/16G/32G/64G Optional

Solar panel power: 2.2W

Night shooting: white light (fill light) and infrared manual switching (factory default white light mode)

White light power: 2W LED 1W*2 (factory default white light mode, can be manually switched to infrared mode) Infrared power: 2W 1W*2 (factory default white light mode, manually switch to infrared mode or manually switch to White light mode)

Motion detection HMD (Human Motion Detection)

Wake-up method to detect wake-up, mobile phone active wake-up

Pushing speed push 1S

Photoelectric dual-purpose, solar + built-in lithium battery power supply (optional external solar panel or power adapter) APP: Tosee

XS-IPC-218,Low power camera
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